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POLIDERM® Emulsion

POLIDERM® Emulsion

A dermocosmetic in the form of a specialistic emulsion

for dogs and cats for skin care prone to dandruff, dermatoses and fungal inflammations  in a 140ml and 15ml package.

Poliderm Emulsion is used as an auxiliary preparation to:

Reduce itching, accelerate regeneration and hydration.

Cleansing and improving the condition of the skin and hair cover.

Skin care with dermatological problems.

Restoring balance in the skin microbiom.

Removing unpleasant odour.

POLIDERM® Emulsion


  • In order to achieve a better effect, use the EMULSION with POLIDERM SPRAY and / or POLIDERM SHAMPOO.
  • After washing and drying the irritated areas, brush the hair in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  • The amount of emulsion should be adapted to the size of the affected animal’s skin.
  • Apply the emulsion on your hand and gently rub the irritation site in the opposite direction to the hairline until it comes into contact with the skin.
  • Rub the preparation gradually, place by place, adding the emulsion until the entire surface of the irritated skin is covered.
  • After applying the product, it is recommended to walk the dog. An animal left for a few minutes, e.g. in a carrier, may wipe itself on the stand or objects.
  • It is best to use the emulsion 1-2 times a day or as recommended by a veterinarian.

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